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1-2-1 Coaching

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Your completely own personalised programme! Monitor your progressions for each lift, run, jump or sport you are playing. The options are endless!

  1. Your workout plan is designed specifically for you, your goals and your lifestyle, using tried and tested training principles that I know work
  2. Communication is crucial when it comes to online coaching, therefore I want to make sure you can reach out to me 24/7.
  3. You will get access to a tracking app, helping you monitor your progress and get closer to your goals.
  4. Track your macros via our macro tracking tool by syncing with My Fitness Pal.
  5. Weekly check ins

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My goal is to help you find your inner power and your inner athlete. We all have an athlete within us, it’s about tapping into those specific components and also identifying what that end goal is.

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