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On Demand is The Train Like Harry AA workout library with over 200 workouts over 2 exciting programmes ready for you at the click of a button! 

My current programme, perform can help you find variety, motivation and inspiration to take your fitness and performance to the next level.

Perform is all about improving functional movement, improving speed, power and strength by Training Like an athlete, but you choose your workouts! Get access to over 120 workouts from my app!! 2 New workouts added weekly!

Within the On Demand library is a range of workouts from running sessions, lifting sessions, conditioning sessions and warm ups for you to implement into your training today. 

This is for you if you are looking for a boost into your training with some inspiration OR you miss training like an athlete, this is for you! 

I have made follow along phases of training OR you can just select your workout for the day. Either way, there are resources for you to use to map the right training for you! 

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Payment Options


Train with me on Weekly Payments: £3.75 Per Week! 

Train with me on Monthly Payments: £3.25 per week. **3 Day Trial Included
Train with me on Quarterly Payments: £2.50 Per Week! **7 Day Trial Included


My goal is to help you find your inner power and your inner athlete. We all have an athlete within us, it’s about tapping into those specific components and also identifying what that end goal is.

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